Love from our customers ♡


Malhi Boutique is one of the most loved ethnic brand in India. It is a name that is recognized worldwide today, but the scenario was different 8 years back. Started in Chugha Khurd,Moga in a small room, Jagdeep Kaur Malhi (CEO) had a dream, a passion to be self-dependent, self-sufficient, to follow her passion and to live her life on her own terms. A journey that had started in a room and now converted into one of the renowned boutiques. She just loved serving her customers. She loved it when ladies flaunted trying new dresses, and accepted the way they looked.
People not only from India but also from the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, Germany to name a few, wanted to be a part of Malhi Boutique. The growth rate of the firm is tremendous, but still the main objective of Malhi Boutique is to serve their customers the best they can and to empower as many women they can. They have come up with the Franchise Model that only involves women engagement, and the whole firm is a women run enterprise..

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